Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spam, spam, spam: My Lovely Twin Babies

I couldn't make this stuff up... the devil on my shoulder wants to write this person back and string them along, "Oh sure, that sounds like a great idea, here's some money..." but I am not sure I could restrain myself long from saying "Are you kidding me?" Note that Cameroon is one of the hotbeds for adoption spam, kinda like Nigerian email scams. As soon as you see Cameroon, red flags go off everywhere. But if no one bites, they wouldn't keep sending out these pathetic emails. Here is our latest entry:

Hello There,

It is really a great Honor for me to write you. First I will start by introducing my self to you. My name is Milley and I am 19 years old. I will start by telling you my sad story now.

I have studied through my high School in the UK and finished. I decided to come over to Cameroon for site view and also to explore the Environment and the Culture of Cameroonians. I have stayed in Cameroon for close to 2 years now. During my first two Months stayed in Cameroon , I got into a relationship with a Mexican White Man who also came for sight View in Cameroon for Forestry Study. We were very close friends and so decided to have a close love relationship. After that, I was pregnant for him, I told him about my pregnancy for him and he refuses the responsibility of becoming a Father and asked me to commit an Abortion. I Prayed to God for Guardians, Protection and Understanding on how to carry on with my pregnancy. Then after, I met a Christian Parish, So I decided to seek for help from a Roman Catholic Parish where I attend service every Sundays and the Bishops Suggested that I give the Babies out for adoption since according to them that was the only option to get the Babies to people that love them very much and will raise them like their own. Considering everything I have been through including my age and my needs to continue studies. I know my babies need a family that will guide them through to become successful in life. The Bishop Advice, I go in search of a good Christian home and family for my Babies online, giving me the assurance that I will get someone that will take very good care of them and also give me the opportunity of meeting the babies again in future.. I know you will understand me, all I ask of you people are to give my babies the chance of living happily with people that loves them and will be capable of giving them the type of life a good and caring parent(s) will give to his /or her children. I am suggesting private legal adoption for the process because I desire the chances of getting to meet the babies again any time soon as I have the opportunity to do so. The Bishop and the Rev. Fathers promise if I happen to find someone willing to adopt them, the Parish will offer their full financial assistance in acquiring an attorney needed for the process, paying for the Babies flight etc that will be needed in the adoption process. Please I'm hopefully count on you people for full support and cooperation by helping me in adopting my Twin Babies (Mario and Marion). Although this might by a huge responsibility to you but be certain before responding to my mail, you most be able to hold on to that responsibility. Please, I am on my knees and asking for your help. So if very sure and very serious, get back to me so that I can get you in contact with the Christian Parish so that the Bishop and Rev. Father can provide you information on how Christian adoption is carried out over here. Thanks once more

Wish You A Great Day
Look Forward To Read From You
Yours Sincere

I find these fascinating on one level. Who falls for this? What kind of desperation must someone be feeling in order to think this might be true? Who writes this kind of thing to pray on waiting adoptive families? It's just a fascinating look into the human mind.